Orga Fighter

This game is a trailer and it will smad ein japanese speech but if you've played such games as"Shinobi Girl" then you'll understand what to do fairly fast. This time you will take control over super-cute looking female student. And since is it alway shappen from hentai games that this damsel will have truly large tits and quite brief mini-skirt. The one problem is that rather than boys this will bring in hordes of mad robots! So getting thru all your enemies into an exit from the degree is going to be your number one aim. The number two and three aims are going to be to keep the gal dressed rather than to allow the robots that are aggressive to fuck her till death. Yeah, this game won't be an effortless walk but if you want some challenge even when it has to do with hentai then most likely you are going to enjoy this game a whole lot.

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Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault

This sport is a complete scale cosmic opera so if you planned to see each of the hentai scene in 2 minutes then you should attempt and look for a different entertainmnet tonight. But if you're prepared for adventures in space with a team including sexy anime women as pilots and warriors then you should definitely try thisone! During your adventures you may explore and see different locations and star boats. To be succesfull on assignments you'll need to look after your team - instruct your girls, feed thamand get them best equipment possible and so on. Getting laid together can also be an options if you will find the way - and you may select your favorites! Do not neglect to look at the tutorial since it's extremely intricate game and a few aims of this may not be quite as obvious.

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