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This second game has no english version yet (and most probably there is not going to be some) so that you should play with it only if you know the language... or if you do not take care of any stories as soon as it comes to hentai games and everything you need is to see hot chicks getting naked and using kinky funtime. The main gameplay is based on taking the pictures of some hot chick who somehow has finished up on the ground of the bedroom. Each succesfull shot will fetch you some money that you may spend in the neighborhood shop on getting fresh sextoys and other items that will let you to make even more kinky pictures and ofcourse to receive even more cash for them. The further you'll go the longer this game may display it is bdsm facet so if if you're not prepared for that you nicer search for one more game on the site.

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The Sex Tape 4: the Outcome

This is the Final episode of This Sex Tape. His occupation will be ended by Terry and the money that he loaned from the lender must be returnedback by him. Hedecide which is not involved in this sex story and whichone is and'll observe all women one more time.

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Dungeon Sex Slave Level 2

In difference with preceding version here you will have to fightagainst monsters. Your task will be to kill all of them and find theexit door. Being captured by any creature will direct you although you can not loose. But sometimes it stinks (if not any - click semen button). If nothing occurs - restart the match. Orbetter try to not loose at the conflict. Use arrow keys following each attack to escape and then go back (if you refill energy at the water fountain).

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