Mokoto Blowjob

This is a really short game starring Mokoto from fairly favored fighting videogame"BlazBlue" but taht you truly should learn about her is that she is one promiscuous squirrel-girl who loves to suck manhood! And today she is going to do only what she enjoys to perform... As a player you will not hav eto do much this time - just click on the act buttons on the right side of game screen and enjoy the animated anime porn scenes! This game is dedicated to Mokoto's oral job abilities so all the actions will be commands for her to suck your schlong one way or another. If you think that it is time for jizz flow then simply use big button in the right bottom corner - no need to cram up some pleasure pubs or wait for new actions to unlock becasue they will probably likely be avaialble to use right from teh embark.

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