Super Princess Peach Bonus Game

Seems like Mario's long search is over - that he finally gets into the right castle! And that is a terrific idea for a bonus game... with a chance of being properly rewarded with Princess Peach ofcourse - it's hentai game in the slightest! The main goal of the match is to find Princess Peach's individual place on her body until Bowser will arrive and destroy all the fun for Mario. And this is not a joke - that you are going to have time limited access to princess' hot body and when the time will run out the massive bad dragon will come along and bite you in... well, whatever Bowser is prepared to bite Mario in. Do not be shocked if you will need to replay the game couple times before you may understand what exactly you have to do. And ofcourse look for more hentai match parodies on our website in case you enjoyed this one!

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