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Sakura is fucked by naruto! How many times you had been picturing this scene while watching the famed anime collection? Now it's time to see it on your display too! Not much of a gameplay however - just good animated sex scene along with your favourite heroes. This time you are permitted to sneak peek in naruto's area whilst just about all ninjas of Konoha are on a different mission. Otherwise would they fuck in the midst of a day in this way? Curvy Sakura simply can't get enough Naruto's mighty cock and retains sliding her pussy up and down on it! The wished to fuck a lot and so long they had time tot ake away all their garments so in case if you believe woman looks more sexy when not entirely nude then contemplate it as a bonus. Just do not neglect to go to developer's website - there you'll get a good deal of great hentai cartoons and pictures!

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