FT: Christmas Adventures

It is christmas year coming everywhere and Fucktown isn't an exclusion. And ths means that it is time. And for this kinds of occasion there is an agency is present using fairly suitable name"Be Happy!" . And you'll be perceiving happy right from the moment you will walk within this agency's workplace - the nymph behind receptions atnd is indeed sexy appearing that... you will receive your first-ever interactive manga porn scene before you will get any gamepay or puzzle or whatever you normally have to perform in games from series about Fucktown until you will reach sexual content! Ofcourse it willhappen in your dreams but who knows - may be in this magical time of the year all your fantasies can become real to this agency?

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Fuck Town: Cable TV

It is time for new hot venture in Fucktown! And who'll get lucky now? Cable TV fellow - that is who! So there's hot looking woman named Alexa and she wants some help with installing cable TV. Since she has some real issues with it could use some help in the proffesional and that where our fellow arrives to the stage! Go to this chesty lady a trip, do your work and receive your reward. And actually getting your reward you'll be much longer than performing the job. And there will be a job that you will have to perform before you'll be permitted to touch and fuck this sexy and lonely milf. For example you'll have to come across few digital component in the room plus they place them all in their proper locations on the baseplate - only after you will address this type of mystery you will observe the manga porn part of the match!

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