FT: Christmas Adventures

It is christmas year coming everywhere and Fucktown isn't an exclusion. And ths means that it is time. And for this kinds of occasion there is an agency is present using fairly suitable name"Be Happy!" . And you'll be perceiving happy right from the moment you will walk within this agency's workplace - the nymph behind receptions atnd is indeed sexy appearing that... you will receive your first-ever interactive manga porn scene before you will get any gamepay or puzzle or whatever you normally have to perform in games from series about Fucktown until you will reach sexual content! Ofcourse it willhappen in your dreams but who knows - may be in this magical time of the year all your fantasies can become real to this agency?

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Nicole Meets Roxy

Lesson of Passion studio brings you new story regarding love triangle and lots of sex. Tonight's match is known as"Nicole meets Roxy". The main story will onvolve three main characters. Nicole is young woman who is about to have the advunture today that is sexual. Her boyfriend Mike that has come to be a bit dull for Nicole after a time. And Roxy - should you need to understand who she is what she will bring into Nicole and Mike's life then you should initiate the game at this time! The match was created as visual novels that utilizing not only hot 3d versions but also animated 3d versions. Moreover, you'll have to create a decision pretty often - appear to be a nonsence even easiest choices might impact the characters' lifes within this particular match. But it will allow you to match the game if you prefer it!

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